Nicole Harris


Nicole, who has been gigging for just over a year told us: “I’m delighted to have won the New Jewish Comedian of the Year Award, especially as the other finalists were all so good. It was also judged by industry experts which makes me think i might have something to offer the industry and has given me the boost I needed to go forward in my comedy career.

“I think humour and laughter are a big part of the Jewish culture, whether you’re religious or not. I grew up with a lot of joking around in our house and I remember my grandad trying out his jokes on me every time he came round! He used to enjoy so much telling me jokes and seeing my reaction and I think he’d be happy watching me do stand up if he were alive today. Jackie Mason was the first Jewish stand up comedian I saw and he was great at what he did. Even though my style and jokes are very different from his, I’m sure it inspired me from a very young age, along with other great Jewish and non Jewish comedians alike!”

Nicole is now working on a show for this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe and runs a Facebook group called Bargain Comedy Nights in London. You can find her on Twitter @NicoleHcomedy